Suganya 10 years old now is in grade one in a Church school at Salem. She was born to Jayakodi who hails from a village called Sankarapuram located in the district of Villupuram. She works in the farm for a monthly wage and takes care of her three children. Sungunya’s father Govindaraj is also a laborer working in a factory for monthly wages. Due to insufficient finances through their monthly earnings, they were unable to provide nutritious food for their children and also send them to the school for education. The yearning of her parents is to put them in some place and see their children grow happy.

Sugunya was referred to us by a mission school since they were not able to take her in due to over admissions. Servnlove Home took them in with a vision to provide complete care in Christ’s love and a family atmosphere. The Home provides for them a healthy childhood, a clean home, nutritious meals, proper education, play, recreation and grow them in the love and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We trust and hope that help and support rendered to her in any kind would be worth in making the dreams of her life not to just remain as a fantasy but for her dreams to come in to a reality. So want to thank you for all the support that you have committed for this child and it means a lot to us as family of Servnlove Home.

Your Support for this Child : $ 50 (Per month)