SHANTHINI 8 years old presently studies in grade one in a Church school at Salem. She was born to Radha who hails from a village called Molaiyalur located in the district of Attur. She works in the agricultural fields on a daily wage and takes care of her two children. Shanthini’s father Sakthivel is a farmer who works as a daily wage laborer in the agricultural fields in his village. Her parents due to low income were under poverty for a long time without being able to meet end needs and to provide for their children. They never wanted their children to be in the present situation but always wanted them to have a good educated life and come out of the poverty.

They met with one of the local Church Pastor for some kind of a help. The pastor directed the family to us where Shanthini is now under total protection and care. When asked, “What do you want to become when you grow old? She answered, “I want to become a Doctor”. We trust and hope that help and support rendered to her in any kind would be worth in making the dreams of her life not to just remain as a fantasy but for her dreams to come to a reality. How true are the words of Winston Churchill decades ago when he said “You make a living with what you get and you make a life with what you give” So want to thank you for all the support that you have committed for this child and it means a lot to us as family of Servnlove Home.

Your Support for this Child : $ 50 (Per month)