Kalai 11 years old is a lovely little child now studying in grade three in a Church school at Salem. She was born to Priya who hails from the village Anadhanpatti. She is a house wife taking care of eight little children of hers. Kalai’s father Babu works as a carpenter for a very less monthly wage. Her father whose has a short temper, Kalai has always witnessed him abusing her mother. Having eight children at home with a very less income, it’s been very tough for them to survive and take care of the children.

Kalai with her sisters were on the streets most of the days begging food for survival. Her mother always runs away from home not being able to bear the torture of her dad put them in a more difficult situation. As recommended by the local pastors – the Servnlove home has been able to admit them in the orphanage to feed, educate, cloth, nurture and grow them spiritually in Christian values. We trust and hope that help and support rendered to her in any kind would be worth in making the dreams of her life not to just remain as a fantasy but for her dreams to come in to a reality.

Your Support for this Child : $ 50 (Per month)