Salem Girls Home

We currently have 19 girls in our home in Salem, India. There are 4 house mothers that take care of the girls and the home, with the supervision and help of Regie and Deena. All of the girls that live in our home meet certain qualifications like they have lost one or both parents, or their parents make an extremely small amount of money per day. It takes approximately 30,000 dollars a year to support the home and make sure the girls are well cared for. They go to a great school and get any medical care they need!! The girls are supported by our sponsorship program.   We thank our supporters for making this happen!

The sponsorship money that Servnlove receives also pays the house mothers that take care of our girls. Servnlove believes in helping and reaching as many people as we can so many of the house mothers have been helped out of tough by being provided a stable job.