How much does it cost to sponsor a girl in India?

We offer some options when it comes to sponsoring our girls. The first option is that you pay $50 dollars a month. Through paypal we can set this up to direct deposit each month which is convenient for you, but you can also mail in your payment each month. Another option is to do an annual donation of $600 a year and this covers a whole year’s sponsorship. Each girl has two sponsors which equals $100 per month or $1200 per year, so we offer this as an option as well.

How much of that money goes to support the girls?

Servnlove Foundation guarantees that approximately 98% of the money you donate goes directly to the girls. We pay for their education, medical care, and daily needs. There is a small transaction fee when sending the money overseas, but other than that, Servnlove doesn’t take your sponsorship money for needs other than those of the girls!

Will I be able to have contact with the girl I sponsor?

Yes! The benefit of Servnlove being a small organization is that you get to have close contact with the girl you support. We try to make communication between you and your child happen as much as possible. Usually when Mrs. Jo takes trips to visit we get the sponsors to send little gifts as well as letters that the girls love to respond to. There is also an option to visit the girls on one of our trips during the year.

What else does Servnlove do throughout the year?

On top of making sure our girls are happy and healthy, Servnlove is busy fundraising, planning trips to see the girls, and helping others that might need us. We have a benefit dinner every year that keeps us busy. We also help to support a leprosy colony near Salem, India. On top of that we have some ongoing fundraisers like selling greeting cards with original designs from the girls. If you can’t commit to sponsoring through Servnlove,but would still like to help, stay tuned to what we might have coming up!