About Us

Servnlove Foundation was started by Jo Cook who lives in south Louisiana. She’s a retired pediatric physical therapist who has a heart and a calling to help orphans and widows around the world.

“How it began”

Mrs. Jo took trips around the world to help the needy and realized that India had a great need.  With the help of family and friends, she jumped right in and began trying to start a home for orphaned and needy girls.

The Servnlove team was introduced to India native Pastor Reginold Benjamin and his wife Deena, and the partnership has been strong ever since. Mrs. Jo and the Benjamins discovered that they have the same vision.

Reginold and Deena helped Servnlove start a home in Salem, India. They didn’t have to search very far to find children in need! The home is located in a large rent house where the girls reside, but Servnlove has plans for a bigger facility in the future.

“What’s next”
Servnlove is always looking to the future. Mrs. Jo has always had a goal of reaching 100 children through the foundation.

Now that Servnlove has property to work with, we can start trying to reach our goals of having our own facility. We are very excited to start fundraising for this big project!